Tactical Climbing

Tac Step

‘The first step is always the hardest’

The Tac-Step is a system that makes your decent secure, stable and covert to your forming up or entry position. Due to the integrated leather rope protector, there is no need for individual rope protection. The Tac-coating ensures optimal grip, and is also noise-reducing. The unique design of the Tac-step has resulted in a compact and smart system that is easily configured and deploy-able for specialist organisations.

Used in conjunction with our MoE product line , the Tac-Step has been designed with operators in mind for carriage of specialist equipment to an assault and method of entry start points.

* The Tac-step comes in a low-profile carry bag as standard.

Download fact sheet (PDF)



Tac Flap

When speed and stealth have priority, The Tac-flap is a man pack able system  to efficiently climb fences without leaving sign. In addition, the Tac-flap provides the user with sufficient protection of barbed or razor wire fencing. This unique design guaranties a quick and effective action to defeat the obstacle.

In addition to the Tac-flap, we designed a climb assist which enables operators to stealthily attack and clib up the obstacle with ease and low noise . With the placement of this device there is no need for a ladder to be took to target minimising equipment carriage to the team.

* The Tac-flap comes in a low-profile carry bag as standard.

Download fact sheet (PDF)



Tac-Fence Step

Designed for covert operations, the Tac-Fence Steps are a unique tool to climb over fences with bars and sharpened tips causing difficulty to clib. The Tac-Fence Steps are adjustable for many types of fences and leaves no traces on the bars . The Steps were built as a "capability requirement" on a Special project based request and a patented tool from our Tac-Lab.

Another customized and unique tool by Tac-Up BV.


Tac-Ladder Hooks

Many tactical units around the world are using the telestep ladder system  in their operations.

These ladders are designed for home and industrial use and not specific for tactical operations.

Our operators and engineers from our Tac-Up lab have designed special Tactical Hooks.  These hooks we will enhance the tactical capability of the telesteps ladder for any operators giving strength and stability to and already in house system.

Some unique features of the Tac-Ladder Hooks :

  • Can be used on any telestep ladder without making any changes to the original ladder
  • Very easy and fast to deploy/install
  • Foldable for easy storage & transportation
  • 100% fixation to the ladder
  • Silent operation
  • Special hardened steel for more grip and endurance