Fuel-driven Breaching

Fuel driven Breaching

Tac-Up BV is the supplier for a range of fuel driven breaching-tools.

Our fuel driven breaching-tools are in use by leading SOF, SWAT and Rescue Units around the world.

Tac-Up BV has many years of operational experience when it comes to Method of Entry  & breaching, which is why we offer our products as  a complete package in the toughest conditions of any given obstacle. Our fuel driven breaching-tools come with Tac-Up assistance in tactical training with safety in mind of the operator. The fuel driven breaching-tool portfolio are the "Gold Standard" solution for any tactical and Rescue Unit that works with the most challenging environments with "First Class" products on the market.

Currently we supply the following range of Fuel driven breaching-tools:

  • Tactical Chainsaw
  • Rescue Chainsaw
  • Rescue Power cutter

Tac-Up BV is also certified maintenance and repair station for all fuel-driven breaching tools.



















Tactical Chainsaw 

The most powerful and versatile tactical breaching tools possible, Tac-up has developed the tactical chainsaw.

The combination of a special rescue chain and force of the 80 cc engine makes this exceptional saw defeat  solid wood,  hardened plastic, stone, steel and even armored and laminated glass of any entry point
Tac-up BV offers a full range of training courses which accommodate this unique breaching tool.





Rescue Power cutter

With its fascinating dimensions, the Rescue power cutter is the best option for every professional. The power cutter demonstrates superiority with it's compact design, low weight, easy handling, exceptional maintenance intervals and an unmatched cutting depth. Efficient and effective, the rescue power cutter cuts through the toughest materials, while saving on time, energy and costs, which is considered among the best on the market by experts in fields such as USAR, Military, police and fire-fighters. The Power cutter saw comes standard with a flashlight on mounting. This for optimal safety with low-light operations.



Tactical chainsaw

Tactical chainsaw

Tac-up Tactical chainsaw

Tactical chainsaw kit