Glass breaching

Tactical Chainsaw

Tactical Chainsaw (by Tac-up BV)

To create one of the most powerful and versatile tactical breaching tools possible Tac-up has developed the Tactical Chainsaw.

The combination of a special rescue chain and the brute force of the 80 cc engine makes this beast almost unstoppable.

It will saw it's way through: wood, plastic, stone, steel and even armoured glass.

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  • Rescue chain
  • Depth limiter
  • Tactical light
  • Saw protection plate

Tac-up BV is also offering a full range of training courses which accommodate this unique breaching tool.

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Tactical Chainsaw

Tactical Chainsaw


The Tac-Rake is a unique breaching tool which is designed to gain access through windows.

The Tac-Rake is capable of dealing with every type of glass (single, safety, laminated and isolated glass)

Some unique features:

  • More weight then other window breaching tools in the market
  • Special extra hardened steel
  • No hooks on the front side (to avoid getting stuck into the window)
  • Designed for fast and easy removing of all the glass

The Tac-Rake is available in a short and long version (special lengths available on request)





The Tac-Hammer is a must have for any tactical team (military/police).

The unique design of this tool makes it extremely multifunctional in various tactical operations.

The Tac-Hammer is made of special hardened steel and can breach doors, windows, car windows etc.

Tac Hammer

Tac-Glass Attack Kit

Tac-up BV brings all the best together with the glass attack-kit.
This battery powered, compact beast will cut even armoured glass!
When mobility, lightweight, compact, power and reliability is needed, this kit is the solution!
The glass attack-kit comes standard in a pelican waterproof casing.

With an extra battery-pack and 2 spare, specially developed rescue-blades, the glass attack-kit is a must have for every breacher.

The specially developed rescue-blade is also cutting:

  • Steel (all types)
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • plastic / PVC
  • etc...

So when you meet on your way a unsuspected padlock or chain..., it will not let you down!


Tac-Glass Attack Kit